What Happens When You Wash Your Hair with Hard Water

washing hair with hard water

If you’ve ever run your fingers through your hair after a good shower and you felt dry and sticky strands, you possibly thought your hair hasn’t gotten used to your new shampoo. But it’s most likely because you’ve been bathing in hard water.

Hard water has a scale, which is a high concentration of minerals from the ground, usually calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are healthy, they have adverse effects on the skin. This is why water experts like Superiorwaterconditioners.com encourage water conditioning to dissolve scale to keep your family safe.

What Scale Does to Hair

Washing your hair with hard water after shampooing creates a scaly film on the hair. This film comes from the poor reaction to shampoo with the minerals in hard water. The result is an insoluble soapy build-up that sticks to the surface of shower heads, pails, and the skin.

When it comes to hair, the build-up prevents moisture absorption and results in dry, dull, and tangled hair. The soapy film also collects in the scalp and can be a cause of dandruff.

The damage is even more apparent in artificially colored hair. Hard water can cause dyed hair to fade faster. The scale deposits can create brassy tones or green cast on the hair. Disappointing hair color services at the salon can also be attributed to the use of hard water.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy

It is highly recommended to have your home’s main water line conditioned with a water conditioning system. It rids the water of calcium and magnesium limescale that make the water hard.

If water conditioning is out of your budget’s reach, there are some DIY tips and tricks in taking care of your hair after washing it with hard water. One easy and effective method is to make a lemon rinse for your hair. The acid in the lemon will react to the scale and help remove it. This should be done in moderation especially if you have dyed hair because it can fade color faster.

Another hair care option is to use an all-natural clarifying shampoo. This kind of shampoo cleans your hair and also adds volume that makes your hair feel thicker and smooth. Using a leave-in conditioner with argan oil or jojoba oil can lock in moisture in your hair to keep it from being dull and lifeless.

Washing your hair in hard water will require you to go the extra mile to keep it healthy. The key is to keep your hair moisturized so it will be ready with your for the day.