The Right Shade: Why Motorised Blinds are the Perfect Modern Home Protection

Woman installing motorised blinds

At a time when big windows are all the rage to usher in natural light, one should not forget the importance of protection against the sun’s harsh rays. This is where motorised blinds come into the picture—to save your home and furniture from unnecessary damage and add some style to boot.

Several smart uses

Motorised blinds are one of the most versatile shades available. Besides the customised colour, height, design and material, you can also tailor its use according to the area of the house you want to install it.

From being window treatments to high-ceilinged rooms to acting as room dividers to provide privacy for selected areas, there are many uses for blinds besides being your home’s shade.

Controlled and preset to your preference

A definite advantage of motorised blinds is that it can be set and customised according to your needs. Most have a remote, which you can set to remember the most commonly used settings. This way, you will not have to keep adjusting to draw the shade to your preference.

What’s more, for those who often go out of the house, it is easy to program your blinds to settings on your smartphone. Most distributors feature an app from which you can preset your blinds so you can manipulate them remotely from anywhere.

Rake in savings in more ways

They may seem like a costly accessory, but in reality, you can get more savings in the long run with the proper choice. There are two ways to get back these savings. The first one is through your electricity bill. On a hot day, it is easy for solar gains and glares to pass through your windows and transform your house into an oven. Having motorised blinds to guard against this will allow you to save up on valuable costs by cutting time using the air conditioner.

Another way to save would be the way of preserving your furniture. Exposure to direct sunlight is one of the causes for furniture discolouration. Some blinds also offer shades that could filter the harmful rays and keep your furniture intact.