The Key to Boosting Warehouse Wrapping Operations

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As consumer demands evolve, so does technology, in the hopes of meeting these ever-changing needs of people. Together with these technological innovations come the improvements in the manufacturing, production, and warehousing industries.

This should go without saying; seeing that a huge portion of what consumers nowadays need and want come from these sectors. It is for these reasons and more that your organisation should already invest in equipment that not only enhances productivity but also boosts worker and work environment safety.

One such investment you should make is the purchase and installation of automatic pallet wrapper solutions offered by firms such as Packline Solution.

Here is what you need to consider when making the switch from manual, hand-wrapped pallets to the automated process.

The primary functions

Like any other piece of equipment, pallet wrappers can come in semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions. Of course, this depends on your operational requirements and workforce, but note that both come with their own sets of benefits and advantages.

The key is to establish what exactly the primary functions you expect the machines to carry out. Holding, wrapping, and cutting are the three main activities that you need to consider when choosing an automated pallet wrapper.

The holding function

For a pallet wrapper to classify as fully automated, it needs to possess the ability to hold the stretch film’s tail or leading edge completely before the start of the wrapping cycle. This means that it should not have to rely on an operator.

The wrapping part

With automatic wrappers, the operator only has to enter the wrapping parameters on the control panel and let the machine carry out the rest of the wrapping process based on these conditions.

The cutting process

Once the cycle is complete, the machine should cleanly cut the stretch film from the load and fasten it securely without human intervention. The wrapper should also reduce the film in a manner that positions the start of the stretch film properly for the subsequent loads.

It is vital that you do not overlook any of these functions when opting for fully-automatic pallet wrapping machines, as these can make all the difference in productivity and safety.