The Importance of Grab Bars for the Elderly

Elderly woman sitting on a couch

A huge percentage of accidents concerning the elderly happens in the bathroom. Slipping and tripping are among them. Aside from the fact that bathrooms are often slippery and wet, which makes it accident prone, the lack of safety features in a common bathroom contributes to such instances.
Safety grab bars that you can purchase in the DFW area can help make a huge difference. How can you benefit from installing a grab bar in your bathroom?

Why Install Grab Bars in Your Toilet?

Grab bars may be installed on the sides of your bathroom wall or the bathtub, so elderly loved ones have something to hold on to and prevent serious injuries from happening. When grab bars are strategically placed, they can be used as guides to help the elderly or people with limited mobility move around the bathroom safely and more comfortably.

While grab bars are relatively easy to buy, here are some things worth noting to make sure you purchase the right one.

How to Buy Grab Bars


There are different types of grab bars. The type that you will choose would depend on two things. The person who will use it, and how it is intended to function. Consulting with a professional can help you choose the right one.


Grab bars should be strategically placed to make sure they perform their function. The height and location of where it should be mounted is something that you can decide on with the help of a professional.

Grab bars might look like simple additions to a home, but they play a huge role in keeping you and your loved ones safe. These additions are especially helpful for people who live with older adults or with loved ones with limited mobility. No one knows when accidents can happen so it is best to invest in one early on.