Stair lift in the background of senior and nurse
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6 Reasons Why Stair Lifts Improve Independent Living

August 31, 2018

Elderly and disabled people might find it difficult to get around their home without assistance. You might want to consider installing a stair lift. Stairlifts let those having difficulty climbing stairs access the whole house […]

Workers Building Wooden Staircase Frame for a New Home
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4 Top Reasons You Should Build Your Home

April 11, 2018

Some people prefer to build their homes rather than buy ready-made ones. Several benefits come with this move. If you have been thinking of following in the same route, here are four gains you stand […]

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Benefits of Having a Water Tank in Your Home

September 25, 2017

Water is one of the most precious and most endangered resources in the world. Cities have started encroaching water and land resources, and the changing weather patterns have made fresh water even more scarce. Many […]

Modern kitchen
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What’s Best Colour for Kitchen Designs?

July 21, 2017

When it comes to kitchen designs, the use of simple colours such as black and white can sometimes create a simple yet visually appealing look. In some cases, a silestone benchtop from Prestige Bench Top […]