Septic Tank Systems: What are Your Alternatives?

underground septic tank

If the soil on your construction site is either too dense or too permeable, has a high water table or is too shallow, then you cannot construct an ordinary septic tank. Instead, you will require sourcing for an alternative.

Alternative septic tank systems are more complex than conventional septic tanks since they come with more electric components such as monitors, alarms, and pumps. They also have more moving parts to ensure high stability. Here are your options:

Filtration systems

This method is applied when there is inadequate room for a drain field to process waste products comfortably. One of these types of systems involves a continuously circulating sand filter, which passes liquefied waste through the sand filtration before releasing it. This makes the waste easily percolate through the soil, making the drain more effective.

Aerobic systems

A conventional septic tank breaks down pathogens in septic waste with the help of naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria. The process is further continued by the aerobics found in soil in the drain field. Some soil types do not allow this process to occur. This is where an aerobic system comes in handy. It provides an additional tank that contains aerobic bacteria to break the waste products down. It also has an aspirator used to inject oxygen for maximum aerobic bacteria production.

Unconventional toilets

There are two more alternative toilets to the conventional septic tank/flush toilet. They include the incinerating toilet and the composting toilet. Both options are best suited for areas where there is water scarcity, or where soils lack enough permeability for ordinary disposal to traditional drain fields.

Before selecting any alternative system, ensure that you have consulted with a qualified contractor as well as your local authorities. This way, you will invest in a plan that you are sure of. You may also want to check what your neighbours have and how good it is to them before investing in it.