Printing Industry: Doing Its Share to Save the Environment

Scene in a printing press

Being environment-friendly and going green has been a highly-charged topic over the past years. Not only has it sparked conversations with the public, it has also captured the attention of all industries and businesses. There’s now such a thing called green jobs, the responsibilities of which are tied in with the sole purpose of saving the environment. And the printing industry is not alien to these efforts at all. Companies are exerting effort to tow the green line. For instance, Jetmark, a signage supplies company, uses LED lamps in their printers instead of conventional lamps that use ozone gases and mercury. In many cases, warehouse operations practice the lean inventory technique to reduce waste and costs.

Here’s how the print industry is contributing to the protection of the environment.

Saving Energy

Most industries already have their own ways to save energy. Switching over to energy-saving equipment like heaters, air conditioning units, machinery and LED lights. Solar panel investments are also a big contributor to this effort.

Using Vegetable-Based Inks

Petroleum-based inks release a volatile organic compound that not only has a bad effect on the environment but is also considered a health hazard. Vegetable-based inks, on the other hand, don’t have any toxic components and are sustainable as well, making these easier to recycle.

Green Paper Sourcing

When you hear the word “print,” “paper” usually comes to mind. Green printing companies make sure that they use recycled paper or materials that come from environment-friendly sources.

Reducing Waste Production

The printing industry used to produce a large amount of paper and ink waste during large printing operations. Thanks to the technology of variable data printing, clients can cut through the clutter and customise designs before having them printed.

It’s been proven across industries that switching to green practices not only helps the environment, it also helps make processes more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. If your business is not in this space yet, it’s best that you find ways to contribute to everyone else’s effort to go green today.