Persistent Kitset Home Misconceptions Debunked

Man Constructing a House

Unaffordable housing has been plaguing New Zealand for many years now, but recent numbers show that building activity in Auckland was increasing. One of the top catalysts for the consent upsurge is the growing interest in kitset homes.

Like other kinds of prefab dwellings, kitset homes in NZ promise significant savings. Compared to a conventional build, kitset construction can cost up to 20% less. At a time when traditional housing options are out of average people’s reach, it’s a mystery why kitset homes aren’t the norm yet.

Perhaps, stubborn myths about continue to affect the public’s perception of them. If you’re considering to realise your dream of being a homeowner with a kitset home, debunk these erroneous beliefs:

You Have to Choose from Unoriginal Designs

The biggest misperception about these prefab dwellings is that they’re style-restrictive. There’s no denying that the size of their modules limits their designs, and the materials used to construct them. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every kitset home looks the same as the other.

Experienced kitset home manufacturers employ skilled designers to offer a growing array of plans. Many of them offer customisable kitchen features to suit different budgets and aesthetic preferences.

You Have to Pay with Cash

More and more lenders are willing to extend credit to kitset home buyers. Prefab housing is gaining more public acceptance by the year, and financing for kitset homes could become ubiquitous in the near future. In fact, many manufacturers offer finance arrangement assistance to source the necessary funds to buy a kitset home more easily.

You Have to Do Everything Yourself

A kitset home lends itself to DIY installation. However, it’s more of an option than a necessity. After all, you would still need to work with registered professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, to set up its necessary systems safely.

But even if you hire pro tradespeople to erect your kitset home modules, you could still expect significant savings. Plus, you could receive help in handling the necessary building consents to avoid delays and experience convenience.

Kitset homes are not without detractors, but they’re one of the safest bets for affordable housing in New Zealand. If you’re willing to accept its inherent limitations, a kitset home can help you quit renting, and start gaining a foothold in the property market.