No More Space? 3 Warehouse Storage Solutions That Work

Warehouse storage solutions

If you have never run out of space in your warehouse, then brace yourself because it might happen probably sooner than you think.

Warehouses usually get full when a company experiences rapid growth or has too much of the wrong or slow-moving merchandise. Sometimes, the cause is poor organisation of the facility. Regardless of the cause, here are three ways to fix the problem:

Build a temporary storage structure

Sometimes, you suddenly find yourself in need of a place to store extra merchandise that is already in your compound or on the way to your company. Building or installing a fabric structure is one of the smartest things to do in such as circumstance.

The suitability of the structure is without question, given that it is quick to build, affordable, weatherproof, portable and durable.

Consider third-party warehousing

When you do not have enough space in your compound to build a temporary storage room, then you could rent a warehouse. Some business owners use this method when they want to hold the goods for a while before shipping them directly to clients. Keep in mind that you would need to pay a premium for short-term storage services.

Keep them on trailers

In situations where you have a dedicated carrier, you may opt to store your merchandise on their trailers for a short period. The carrier manages the freight and will store the trailers in their facility until you are ready to take it. Such services are covered in your freight agreement.

Of course, you will need to pay a higher price than you would if you store the merchandise in your warehouse, but it is a viable storage solution nonetheless.

Even with the best planning, the unexpected sometimes happens and you find yourself with loads of merchandise and a limited storage space. The right preparation can save you from trouble when something like this happens in the future.