Keeping Your Hot Water System at Its Peak Performance

Plumber checking the water system

You rely heavily on your hot water system, and not just for your hot showers or baths, but also for housekeeping and other cleaning duties. More than that though, it gives you the convenience of having warm to hot water when and as you need it, particularly during the chilly or cold seasons.

With so many different crucial roles in your home and everyday life, you want to make sure it remains optimally-functioning for as long as possible. Superior Water Conditioners recommends exploring the various residential water treatment services available to Fort Wayne residents, as well as ensuring you do your part in properly maintaining your hot water system.

Preventing scale build-up

Scale pertains to the hardened mineral deposits that solids and sediments in water leave on plumbing components, including those that make up your water heater. The heat generated by the hot water system contributes significantly to the scaling process, although the hardness rating of the water also impacts just how quickly the build-up occurs.

There are ways to reduce the formation of scale though, one of which is through the application of adequate water softening techniques. By investing in a quality water treatment unit, you can considerably minimize scaling, while also keeping the water heater at its peak performance. Best of all, treated water helps prolong the life of your home’s entire plumbing system.

Routine draining and flushing

Another technique to prevent sediment buildup is to have your water tank professionally drained and flushed on a regular basis. This helps reduce the risk of sediment accumulation on/in the tank and in general, the plumbing network itself. Keep in mind, however, that how often you drain and flush the tank should depend on how hard your water supply’s rating is.

These are just a few of the strategies that you should implement for the care and maintenance of your water heater and plumbing system. However, they’re a good place to start, seeing as they are more on the prevention side.