Australia, China Renews Partnership on Dairy Manufacturing

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COFCO Corp.’s Nutrition and Health Research Institute recently paid a visit to the Monash University in Melbourne for the first Australia-China Joint Research Centre (ACJRC) Symposium in Dairy Manufacturing. The event sought to find ways on how to develop best practices in Australia’s dairy industry.

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The conference serves as a way to improve trade relations between the two countries. It provided Australian businesses with insights on how to identify more export opportunities in the Chinese market, according to ACJRC director Cordelia Selomulya.

The event comes at a good time for Australia, as competition from the US and the European Union will likely become more prominent with their plans to expand in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Selomulya, the country should focus on creating value by prioritising quality over volume.

As Australia is known for its strict safety standards, local dairy exporters to the Asian country should invest in quality packaging materials for shipments, which could range from polyester strap products to other cargo-securing solutions. Those businesses can find more information about cargo security on and other reliable resources.

Cold Advocacy

Other than the ACJRC conference, the Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC) likewise held its first session to tackle issues, such as manufacturing, transport and refrigeration of frozen food products. The event aimed to find out how the cold-chain industry can better comply with safety standards.

Mounting concerns on environmental issues due to wasted food led to the creation of the AFCCC. Whilst there have been existing laws on handling and supplying refrigerated products, the industry should take more proactive steps to enhance operations and compliance with rules, according to AFCCC Interim Chair Mark Mitchell.

Australia’s food supply chain remains an important backbone of the economy, which is why these trade partnerships and industry initiatives ensure that the country maintains its status as a producer of quality products.