4 Smart Tips for a Product Makeover

Businessman deciding what color to use

So your sales have reached a plateau after several years of selling the same old product. You might want to consider giving your product a makeover to revive your glorious days. Here’s how you can do it all over again.

New look for an old product

How about getting your old product a new look with a fresh concept. You can always look for a concept sufficient to bring back the product’s spark straight to the market. Feel free to change the packaging labels with a better concept. If not the colour, you can change the logo by incorporating something new. It is high time to get the marketing department busy with an inspiration for a new packaging.

New channels for an old player

Yes, you can keep your traditional operations while venturing into new channels to reach a wider market. It is not enough to stick to the local community when your sales have become pretty stable hardly with any growth. While it sounds great to get a steady income, this might turn stale in a year or two. It wouldn’t hurt to push for growth with new channels through social media.

New addition to a long-time team

For a breath of fresh air, you might want to consider getting some new brains to spice up discussions. Get some newbies on board to help out with the brainstorming. They might have got brilliant ideas to improve sales. Some new techniques might come in handy to shake up the organisation in a good way.

New brand for a classic image

While you want to retain your core competencies, you must also be open to accommodate new possibilities. You might want to revamp sales by trying out some bold rebranding if all else fails. This is the process of recreating the image of your product to keep your existing market and attract more simultaneously.

These are your options to come up with better sales for your veteran product. It is never too late for a change.