4 Common Air Conditioner Problems And How To Solve Them

Man fixing the AC UnitHas there ever been a moment when you realize there might be an issue with your classic air conditioning? Fortunately, knowing what the issue might be is the first step to fixing your air conditioner.

Here are some common issues you might experience with your AC unit:

When the air conditioner stops working

Has your air conditioner ever shut down suddenly? Having your AC shut down can be especially inconvenient during hot days.

If your unit shuts down unexpectedly, you may need to check its electrical connection. Having faulty wiring can disrupt your air conditioner’s power supply resulting in intermittent failures.

When your AC cools unevenly

Your air conditioner might cool unevenly due to blocked vents or poor installation. You need to make sure that all the vents in your home are clean, open and unobstructed.

You can also control the temperature in different areas of the room by hiring a professional installation expert to separate the zoning systems.

Strange noises from the air conditioner

You might experience squealing sounds when you switch on your air conditioner. Such sounds originate from the blower motor. This implies that there is a belt which might break anytime.

To stop this, you can use lubricant to make your unit work smoothly. If you hear a smacking noise, seek professional advice as there might be a problem with the blower assembly.

Low flow of air

Are you getting limited airflow in your house? The problem might be with the HVAC filter. A clogged filter could block airflow and result in your AC having to work overtime to compensate. Change and clean your filters often and make sure all your vents are open.

Air conditioners are expensive investments so you deserve to have yours work as well as it can. Through proper maintenance and repair, you can keep your home cool without dealing with high electricity bills. If you can’t seem to fix the problem yourself however, consult with an HVAC expert as soon as possible to avoid damaging your unit further.