3 Reasons Your Preschool Needs a School Canopy

Large clear canopy

School canopies come in all shapes, sizes, and colours and there are many benefits it can offer your preschool. If you have space and the budget, here are some reasons to add this to your establishment.

It’s great for outdoor play

Studies have shown the many great benefits of outdoor play. Once in a while, it’s best to take the kids outside to play and get some sun. In fact, getting some much needed Vitamin D is very important. In one report from Hopkins Children’s Center, researchers found that 60 percent of children have “suboptimal” levels of this much-needed vitamin. A deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to brittle bones, premature osteoporosis in later life, and skeletal deformities. School canopies help protect them from too much heat. What’s great is that you can convert this space into an outdoor playing area where kids can get some sun without being uncomfortable.

A great events place for parents and their kids

Adding a school canopy isn’t just about creating a shaded area to protect the children and the staff from weather-related elements like the sun and the rain. It’s also a makeshift party area where you can entertain visiting parents and families during events. You can add a small stage, some chairs, and you have yourself an outdoor theatre. You can also use this shaded area for small gatherings like school parties and picnics.

Waiting area for parents

You can add some chairs, and you have yourself a shaded waiting area for kids and parents. It’s important to have a shaded area where kids and parent can wait because it shows that you care what they do before they go inside and after they leave. It adds to the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Get a School Canopy Today!

If you’re looking for a small establishment upgrade you can make, consider getting a school canopy and enjoy these great, unexpected benefits.